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Geneza Pharmaceuticals is famous manufacturer of anabolic and androgenic steroids, anti esrogens and other pharmacological agents. Mainly products Genesis Pharma is focused on the customer with an average level of income, with the exception of such drugs as Halotestin, Equipoise, Oxandrolone pills and some other steroids for sale.


The company was purchased by Geneza Pharmaceuticals in 2002 Unigen firm manufactures products in the same package with the same logo, but the name is already new. Distributors officially sit in Bangkok and Hong Kong, there is a site of the company. The fact that in the photo, or fake or old stock, 8 years ago. We tried Unigen Test Comp as well, both work.

We sell steroids by Geneza Pharmaceuticals (GP) online – reasonable prices and detailed description will tell you more about this steroids manufacturer.

Genesis Pharma products line

Geneza Pharmaceuticals  production gathered enough feedback controversial. Reviews of Genesis Pharmaceuticals suggest frequent non-compliance of the claimed amount of the active ingredient to its real equivalent. However, the character itself impact on the body corresponds regulated.
Oral And Injectable Steroids by Geneza

Product name Active Substance
Danabol DS Methandienone
Methyltestosterone Parabolan
Oxandrolone Anavar
Oxymetholone Anapolon
Stanozolol Masteron
Halotestin Fluoxymesterone
Testesterone injections Testosterone Propionate

Geneza Pharmaceuticals reviews

If you wisht to buy Geneza Pharmaceuticals steroids you may find it usefull to read reviews of their steroids. Geneza Pharmaceuticals products are characterized as a sufficiently high quality for its low cost. Athletes report no pain during the injection, and low incidence of side effects. At the same time the effectiveness of the GP steroids in each case is different, and largely depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Here are real customers reviews that purchased Geneza Pharmaceuticals and left comments after that (updated in August 2016)

“tried out Geneza oksik and proviron-work great” – comment left by James D, USA, 20.08.2016

“soon will test and  deca from Geneza !!! will visit let you know in case there is bad effect!” ” – comment left by James D, USA, 29.07.2016

“Injetable testosterone by Geneza  is simply the best! It shakes already from one tablet  – it does not shake much but if we consider that in one pill of just 20mg  – it is not difficult to imagine what will happen after 3-5 pills” – comment left by Connoer, USA, 28.06.2016

“Excellent quality. I agree … Test Prop is excellent. and Dbol is also good” – ” – comment left by Joph from New York, USA, 27.06.2016

“Their Deca has arrived-   will test soon…” – comment left by Kim Bassengear, USA, 23.06.2016

Took oxymetholone and boldenone by Geneza Pharmaceuticals .. Decided to accelerate from oxy – began with 100 mg a day and now passed 150 level! I have not tried oxymetholone, but felt that the it will also work .. Who else has taken this? – comment left by Over, UK, 22.06.2016
Geneza Pharmaceuticals

while shaking Winstrol it can form a foam, it is not convenient to inject it into a syringe, and after such injections it constantly bumps, there is an option for better clamp the vial between hands and roll it to an average muscles so that shaking does not occur, as it will be homogeneous white liquid recruits. – comment left by Sarah D, Los Angeles, USA, 21.06.2016

trenbolone enanthate by them is evil! Anyone tried hydroxy by them? – comment left by Brean, UK, 20.06.2016

First impressions about Geneza Pharmaceuticals:
Test Prop comes very gently! (set at 100 a day) is first changed bread … with the 3rd injection into ass or lumps.
-stanozolol  is very mild ) under the tongue does not really dissolvant
-on the second day already felt libido was on a very high level … well, very high))))
-on the second week sack workers vesa . Winstrol based on average gained 10 kilo. Plus the fact that I was sitting on a diet (3-50 carbons per day) + background Deca was succesfull.
-At the end of the cycle my weight stayed about the same (up to 94kg … after 93-93.3 kg) .. BUT my waist was minus 8, see some volumes lost … about 5 sm.. Legs did not even grown
-on the common veins came out , even where it was not like that ….. Never was steal or denser or something … a feeling as if the constantly tense.
CONCLUSION-Test Prop WORKED !!! – comment left by Brian, London, UK 15.06.2016

Deca ampoule 250 was soft, worked as expected. – comment left by Terminator Jay, UK, 01.06.2016

The first cycle, Test combination, two injective on Deca last week. Did not feel the libido became worse. Checked on the website of the manufacturer serial number, everything is normal. Now I think to wait more, or stop taking Vitamin -) – comment left by James D, USA, 21.05.2016

The quality is not great, but the suppression of libido does not seem to high. Well my first time on the cycle. The man with the experience, who began to chop, the same Sustanon, and according to him, is works fine. Although the people from the gym itself took the same Sustanon, and gained 13 kg. Maybe they lie? – review left by Braun, UK, 20.05.2016

wooow) Deca is very expensive ))) is unlikely to be someone currently working at a loss) – review left by Parker, UK, 13.05.2016

I finished my first cycle of the Geneza Pharmaceuticals with a friction and Propionate 100 a day, poured about 4 kg, I think all the water and fat. Principle cycle, but I was not fully aware of Deca, as the work, problems at home, a lot of nervous during the course, especially not ate, but perfectly dry, and meat seems to mirror scored well. The cycle lasted 6 weeks. The next time I will think if these Dbol cycle  will be used, I will try every day to put on 100. The only perhaps negative effect: this is a very severe depression from friction, constant mood swings, often it was at zero, I felt depressed.   – comment left by Ijay, London UK, 20.05.2016
Monthly report  after Dbol by Geneza Pharmaceuticals: + 4 kg, max 10% of weight, appetite has not increased. any psycho-emotional changes are observed. – review left Queen El D, UK, Westminster, 12.05.2016

Geneza testosterone enanthate, and methane by GP is a ruler who tried to accomplish your goal. – review left by Brook Shields, USA, 10.04.2016

Where are there a lot comments right now about Geneza Pharmaceuticals. Boldebolin took four barrels  -will try. Packaging is very solidly made. – review left by Abraham, USA, 20.03.2016

So you’re all together and take the Geneza GP and I will take! I am more than confident and even if the price is cheap and I was buying for 10 years! : D – review left by Investor, UK, 20.01.2016

Clenbuterol by them is a hard work … at 100,000% …. but my head hurts “Mama Do not Cry” .  review left by Europe User, Germany, 20.04.2016

Something about GP Clenbuterol  I’m not sure. They say the first couple of days and then just have a headache. I do not say that out of all Clen is the weakest and not intuitive. – review left by Berliner, Germany, 23.05.2016

I know everything. There are fakse and there are originals. If checked very easily through the website.   The quality of GP people do not like though it is the cheapest line. GP Analysys was done – almost all what is written here is only the quality of raw materials is worse than a basement. A photo of myself is in the hands with the three types of holding. – review left by Paul Legk, USA,

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