Testaplex C 200 Axiolabs


Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Package: 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml)

Product Description

Testaplex C 200 (testosterone cypionate), when this long-acting version of testosterone is injected, it becomes stored in what is known as a depot in the body, and slowly released over a short period of time. Peaking within 1-2 days after injection, the testosterone is then steadily released over the next 12 days and completely tapers out after approximately 3 weeks.

As with all testosterone products it has a strong anabolic activity, with a pronounced androgenic component. Thus it can provide significant gains in strength and muscle mass, as well a noticeable increase in libido. An added benefit, with all testosterone products is the relief of tendon pain, faster recuperation and an increase in the level and duration of physical output due to the oxygen rich blood along with an increase of red blood cells. Although when taken at reasonable dosages aromatisation should not be a problem, some patients may wish to use an anti-estrogen, this case a low dosage of Tamoxifen Citrate or Mesterolone would be appropriate.

Testosterone compund (Testaplex C 200) with cypionate ester which that exhibits strong androgenic and anabolic propreties and offers effective muscle mass and physical strength. It assists muscles to retain more nitrogen, aromatizes easily and provides water retention. The drug is considered to be basic for almost all steroids cycles among athletes and bodybuilders.

Is used in the hormone replacement therapy and in treatment of disorders caused by testosterone deficiency. The compound is also effecient in the treatment of retention of sexual maturation, undeveloped genitals symptoms, impotence at hormonal origin, symptoms of male climax, postcastrational syndrome, osteoporosis due to androgen insufficiency.

The prime advantage of this product is the fact that it can be injected once per week and it gives some very good gains in strength and size. I would bet that many careers in bodybuilding and athletics were built with the long term use of this drug. I’ve used it at doses of 250-2,000 mg per week, and found that the best gains versus side effects are probably had somewhere below the 750 mg/week mark. Of course this is far below what many competitors in the upper ranks of bodybuilding use, but for the average (recreational) bodybuilder or athlete, the side effects above this dose do not constitute an acceptable trade off for the gains.

Testosterona C-200 by Balkan Drugs Ltd. is which is obtainable in a ampoule.

This ester Cypionate of C-200 create a sluggish period-release of Testosterone within the bloodstream system-so it’s essential to provide it-not really regular, unlike ester that have a time launch that is fast. Inserting Testosterone Cypionate 2 times per week is regarding maintaining the bloodstream degrees of the hormonal in a regular price enough. Testosterone is the many important, and also among the many universal anabolic steroids. This is actually the reason it is stacked by many bodybuilders in just about any period that is steroid.

In case your seeking to perform a bulking period putting Testosterona C-200 using Equipoise or Deca-Durabolin is truly effective. An oral steroid would be added by several bodybuilders like Anadrol. To get a cycle that is reducing numerous bodybuilders would rather to include an oral steroid-like Anavar tab, and a Trenbolone for their period.

The testosterone manufacturing of organic body wills reduce, but-don’t be concerned since this factor could be set without losing the increases by carrying out a correct percentage, . At the cycle’s end sportsmen and bodybuilders may would rather make use of a bunch of HCG, Nolvadex and Clomid for around THREE months regarding a fruitful recover of the gland and also testicles performance.

Bodybuilders that are woman additionally make use of this steroid, but in a reduce dose than the dosage of the man, to prevent unwanted effects that are masculizing.

Testosterone create aromatization actually at dosages that are reduced, hence creating oestrogen unwanted effects that are apparent. Therefore on utilizing Testosterona C-200 bodybuilders who’re searching should bunch an – item that is estrogenic within their period regarding sustaining the oestrogen amounts in a low-rate. The ideal choice could be Arimidex Nolvadex or Proviron Proviron. Bodybuilders who’re utilizing higher dosages of Testosterone may observe that Exedrol or putting Femara can give these a far more effective zero- influence that is estrogenic. Testosterone may create numerous androgenic unwanted effects, so by becoming an steroid.

Testosterona C-200 is definitely an anabolic steroid using higher androgenic results, and due to a rise of power and this it’ll create a fast muscles develop, as well an over-all feeling of wellbeing of getting intercourse along with a large wish.

The primary distinction between Enanthate esters is the fact that a reduce water-retention is produced by Cypionate.

Testosterone dosages for males: 400 – 1200 mgPERweek

Testosterone dosages regarding ladies: fifty – 100-mgPERweek

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