Haloxyl [500 Tabs] Kalpa Pharmaceuticals


Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Package: 10 x 50 tabs (10 mg/tab)

Product Description

Haloxyl with its active substance Fluoxymesterone is an oral anabolic steroid with strong androgenic properties. It is considered to be in the top of aggression producing AAS.

It is well known for its ability to increase aggression, thus it is more used by fighters or weightlifters. Some bodybuilders use it before contest while they are on low carb diet and need something to stimulate them to train harder the last weeks. But even in such cases, Haloxyl usage is usually limited to few weeks rather than cycled like real steroids for months.

Haloxyl is very toxic on liver so it is strongly recommended to limit its usage in dosage and length. When using haloxyl it should be expected worsening of male pattern baldness, acne, and prostate hypertrophy, also elevation of blood pressure, water retention, and increased aggression.

Generally bodybuilders use Haloxyl during the final 4 to 6 weeks leading up to a competition. This intentionally coincides with the cut cycle when the body undergoes a calorie deficit to burn fat and to increase vascularity and muscle striations. This cut cycle risks muscle catabolism, potentially undoing progress made during the previous bulking cycle and is often an inevitable consequence of cutting; the goal is usually to stave off as much muscle loss as possible, and Haloxyl does this successfully. Haloxyl is a bodybuilder’s secret weapon at maintaining or even improving muscle and strength gains while simultaneously increasing muscle visibility during periods of severe calorie restriction.

Being on a calorically restrictive diet during the weeks leading up to a competition can really affect an athlete’s ability to achieve peak performance during workouts. Low energy and irritability are the culprits. Unfortunately, this is the period where for both motivational and practical reasons an athlete wants to perform their best. It’s potentially one of the most difficult and frustrating periods, and Haloxyl can help forge past these obstacles and carry a bodybuilder or strength athlete to competition day having achieved their best workouts only days prior. When diet seems to drag an athlete down and make them lethargic, Haloxyl will pick them up and allow them to continue plowing through personal records despite their low-calorie diet and low energy.

So, if you decided to use Haloxyl (Fluoxymesterone) than you must know it’s side effects. Halotest derived from Testosterone, and it has a 11-beta group attached to it, which inhibit aromatization really good, although it is particularly predisposed to be 5-alpha-reduced and may cause DHT related side effects, like hair loss and acne. Fluoxymesterone has a very high toxicity on the liver so if you want to use it anyway, than you’ll have to take it for 4 – 6 weeks and not more than 20 – 30 mg per day.It also can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as pain in the stomach, or sometimes it can produce nasal bleeding. For women is important to know that Fluoxymesterone can affect their menstrual periods by making them irregular, as well you can notice a low decrease of breast size or even enlarged clitoris.

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