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Manufacturer: Gen Shi, Japan
Category: HGH
Substance: Distilled water + 0.9% NaCl + 0.9% Benzyl alcohol
Package: 1 vial of 5ml

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Product Description

Bacteriostatic: drug or substance that stops the growth of bacteria without killing them.

Intravenous Solut?ons Frequently contain different substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria such as benzoic alcohol or Sodium Chloride 0.9% diluted in purified water. These intravenous solutions are considered bacteriostatic water. The liquid lenses, considering how delicate they are the eyes use the same product, in fact I have a bottle of 250ml of the liquid and its composition is purified water and sodium chloride 0.9.

After opening the bottle recommend you discard what you have not used within 60 days of its opening, it is also recommended to keep it in frio.Debemos think that substances (any liquid) that is manufactured to inoculate body and ends passing directly the bloodstream is made under conditions and spec?al care that are not as important when manufactured for outdoor use.

It’s not dare to get into a “deep intramuscular” a substance that has not been manufactured for that use injection. You can reconstitute perfectly with bidistilled water to reconstitute selling all kinds of substances with hidrofiliced presentation (powder) that liquid if you are made w?th the proper care to put it directly into the body does not pass anything strange. Total, upon reconstitution will take to consume at most, 3 or 4 days.

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